Good Distribution Practice
Good Distribution Practice
Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is the bedrock of running a compliant and efficient distributor of pharmaceuticals.. It is fundamental to quality distribution of medicinal products for human use throughout the supply chain ie in the purchase, receiving, storage and distribution of drugs for human consumption.
Quality Assurance
GDP, as set out by the MHRA and in various EC directives on the subject, is that “part of quality assurance which ensures products are consistently stored, transported and handled under suitable conditions as required by the marketing authorisation (MA) or product specification”. Anti-counterfeiting measures are increasingly being looked at – counterfeiting being one of the biggest challenges facing regulators, pharmaceutical companies and the consumer.
GDP Inspections
Supplier Due Diligence and GDP Inspections and Inspections are an important part of the MHRA's remit and a timetable of inspections are set out as part of each Wholesale Dealer's License (WL) issued, depending on the type of, and performance at inspection of, the WL Holder.


A recent survey showed that in the UK, amongst the top 10 critical GDP deficiencies include general and cold storage – temperature control and monitoring, unauthorised activity, lack of or inadequate written procedures and the returns process. When things go wrong there are risks to patients, the expense of recalls, a loss of sales and the need for follow up regulatory action which can involve the suspension of licenses and personnel.

GDP Pharma Services Ltd work to help you improve and maintain your Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards.

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