Provision of Contract Responsible Persons (RPs)

Nominated Responsible Person (RP)
If you have a Wholesale Dealer’s License (WL) from the MHRA or are in the process of obtaining one, it is a legal requirement to have a nominated Responsible Person (RP) on your licence.

A suitable RP must have experience of the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical product and current GDP standards and procedures.

The RP’s role is to audit and advise on your GDP standards, to take part in all batch recalls and advise on any GDP issues that arise from time to time. There must be a direct line to your MD. The MHRA must be advised if matters are not being handled according to GDP.

The relationship between the Company Directors and the RP is therefore a vital one for the smooth running of any pharmaceutical distribution operation – so your choice of an experienced RP is very important for your business.


MHRA recognised and experienced person
The first decision for any Pharma Company is to either employ your own RP or to contract in a RP from a specialist provider such as GDP Pharma Services Ltd. We will provide an MHRA recognised and experienced person for you on a fixed fee basis, a significantly lower cost than having to employ a full or even part time RP, without the onus being on you to maintain the RP's technical knowledge at all times.

A formal contract is put in place between us and you to define the relationship between the RP and your company, detailing the responsibilities undertaken.


Seamless transition
If you are going down the contract RP route and applying for a WL, your RP could be involved in the process, even before the contract begins, to provide a seamless transition from the project of obtaining a WL to being operational.

We can, of course, provide a contract RP for an existing WL if you are thinking of outsourcing this role, perhaps because of the increasing demands of the MHRA.

GDP Pharma Services Ltd can provide an MHRA recognised and experienced Responsible Person on a fixed contract basis.

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