Responsible Person (RP) Training

Recognised RP training programmes
The key to an effectively delivered RP service is an effectively trained and up to date RP.

Whilst at the moment your RP does not need any formal qualifications, the emphasis being on relevant industry experience, the indications are that the MHRA are moving closer to a requirement for a more recognised ongoing training programme for new and existing RP's.

We endorse wholeheartedly the idea that proper CPD type training can only improve the performance of your RP and we are offer a suite of appropriate 1 day RP training courses.


RP's Open Courses
Because we are active RP's ourselves we know exactly the things that matter to the MHRA and our training reflects this. RP – and also GDP – training to your company can be delivered in small groups in-house.

Or why not take advantage of open courses we run for RP's at our Head Office where your RP will get the additional opportunity to meet with industry peers and exchange best practice ideas as part of the training day?

Be confident that your Company is up to speed and stays up to speed and let us help you make sure that your RP has an up-to-date knowledge of requirements.
Our RP training gives a thorough understanding of how to carry out RP duties. These include:
- Maintaining the Wholesale Dealer's Licence

- Bona Fide checks of both suppliers and customers

- Auditing carriers and warehouses

- Managing SOP's

- Recording and handling complaints

- Counterfeit awareness

- Self Inspections Recalls

- Due Diligence Preparation for an MHRA inspection


GDPPS provided a first-class training course, covering all aspects relating to the expectations, duties and role of an RP.The course content was excellent, very professionally planned and presented.

The challenge now is to put into practice what has been learned, it's nice to know that practical support, advice and guidance is available.

Williams Medical Supplies Ltd -July 2012


The on site GDP training went very well. We had a meeting after to discuss a few things that were raised during the training and it’s highlighted one or two things that can be worked better and recorded more competently. The overall feeling was that we’re already doing everything right at the moment and that was a big plus for all concerned. Please send our thanks to the trainer - we all got out of it exactly what we wanted

Retail Transport Services Ltd

The training was very informative.

To be honest with you I got out of it far more than I expected. So was quite impressed with the content and the way it was presented.

Gorgemead Limited, a member of the Cohens Group - October 2013


GDP Pharma Services Ltd - providing effective (Responsible Person) RP training either in-house, or at our Head Office

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