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The key to an effectively delivered RP service is an effectively trained and up-to-date Responsible

Contract Responsible Persons
GDP Pharma Services Ltd (GDPPS) is a niche provider of Contract Responsible Persons to the Pharmaceutical Industry in the UK – our goal is to support your company through its regulatory GDP (Good Distribution Practice) requirements in a structured, professional and robust way.

Responsible Persons training
In addition we have developed detailed GDP/RP training for existing RP's, who until recently have not been required to undertake ongoing training. The MHRA have signalled this is all about to change, and rightly so.

Responsible Persons experience
Both of the GDPPS directors – Richard Davey and Frank Bagshaw – have themselves been RP's for a number of companies for many years and have a wealth of industry knowledge and practical experiences to draw upon in selecting the right Responsible Persons for your company and in the development and delivery of quality training.

Directors Richard Davey and Frank Bagshaw have hands-on practical experience in the development and delivery of Responsible Persons training.
  Responsible Persons (RPs) training for your company can be delivered in groups in-house.

Or take advantage of open courses we run for training Responsible Rersons (RP's) at our Head Office where your RP will get the additional opportunity to meet with industry peers and exchange best practice ideas as part of the Responsible Persons Training Day.


GDP Pharma Services Ltd - providing Contract Responsible Persons (RPs) to the Pharmaceutical Industry,
helping you improve and maintain your Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards.

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